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Getting Started

The best way to get started is by downloading the sample site. This site includes a sample collection file, sample stylesheet, and test page which can be used for testing configuration.


Within the gsmock.config section, collections and stylesheets are configured like this:

      <add name="default" file="~/GSMock/data/sample_results.xml" />
      <add name="default_frontend" file="~/GSMock/stylesheets/sample_transform.xsl" />

When a search request is submitted to GSMock, the GSA paramater site maps to the collection defined here, the proxystylesheet parameter (if specified) maps to the stylesheet defined here.


Packaged in the sample site is a test page located at \GSMock\test.aspx. This test page works in a similar fashion to the Test Centre within the GSA admin console. Query terms, collection and stylesheet can be specified which are then loaded into an IFrame.

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